For Patients

Palliative Care

Why palliative care is important to you

Palliative care can begin from the first diagnosis of a life limiting illness. You and your family can begin palliative care when you need and want support. Relief from pain and symptom management is the main stay of palliative care. Our needs might change as the disease stabilizes and palliative care services might be reduced until further needs arise.

Treatment for cancer and palliative care should go hand in hand

Palliative care for patients with cancer should start at the point that they are diagnosed. The relief of symptoms, especially of pain is a fundamental component of cancer care. Due to a lack of awareness about the early warning signs and symptoms of cancer, poor access to healthcare, delays in diagnosis, misdiagnosis and other major problems; patients often arrive at hospital with an advanced stage of disease and a cure is no longer possible. ence the need of palliative care increases in such stage. The palliative care team provides holistic support for patients and their families, in addition to pain relief.