Hear Doctors Speak

As an Oncologist, I tend to believe that I drive the patient management: little do I realize that treatment by itself means very little without adequate supportive therapy. After visiting your centre, I realized this with great impact. I strongly recommend that all of us clinicians pause and think seriously about incorporating palliative/supportive teams in our practice.: for the good of my patient/my society and to myself!!.

Dr M.Udaya Kumar Maiya. Radiation Oncologist.
The Bangalore Hospital.

It is high time that we give due importance to this neglected subject of palliative care(medicine). All health care professionals especially oncology specialists must visit this place, so that we can provide comprehensive management to these patients  making their lives more comfortable & meaningful.

Brig (Dr) M.S.Barthwal Consultant
(Med &Pulm Medicine) AFMC, Pune