For Clinicians

Palliative Care

Why palliative care should be a part of your treatment schedule

The concept of palliative is not restricted to oncology but also extends to  various life limiting illnesses. The goal of palliative care is to support your patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs from diagnosis through treatment, any symptoms or side effects, emotional well-being, and other factors. For addressing these issues. every doctor should know the basics of palliative care,  adds to your medical skills.. By promoting palliative care you can alleviate suffering and improve quality of life of patients.

How the knowledge of palliative care will make a difference to your treatment approach

The knowledge of concept of total pain (spiritual, psychosocial, physical) can be learned in palliative care. Family issues can be better tackled after going through the course on palliative care. End of life care i a concept which was long forgotten in medical education can be rediscovered.  Learning the techniques of symptom management including WHO ladder for pain management can help in relieving an ailing patient.