Refer A Patient

How You and Everybody can Help

Grant your patient freedom from pain

Out of 100 people who are suffering from pain and other symptoms, hardly 1 or 2 get palliative care help. There are many who think pain cannot be avoided in cancer. They need help.

If you know someone who has cancer, encourage him or her to contact us so that we can help. At Cipla Centre, freedom from pain is free of cost. And we want maximum number of people to benefit.

If you are a medical professional, click here to grant your patients freedom from pain.

Refer your cancer patients for palliative care early in the course of treatment. The sooner they start getting palliative care, the greater are their chances of enjoying a better quality of life for a longer time.

In its recent provisional clinical opinion , the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) stated : ”substantial evidence demonstrates that PC-when combined with standard cancer care or as the main focus of care-leads to better patient and caregiver outcomes. These include improvement in symptoms, QOL (quality of life), and patient satisfaction, with reduced caregiver burden.